Tuntox tunnels your TCP connections through NATs. Tuntox is P2P. Tuntox is trustless. Tuntox is encrypted. Tuntox is based on the Tox protocol.

Tuntox is mirrored on several git repositories including Github, Bitbucket, notabug, Gitlab and Rocketgit. For more information check out README.md in the source tree.

Tuntox is love, Tuntox is life. Worship Tuntox!


2020-08-15 - Docker now a first class citizen - automated builds performed on every commit. On the downside, the image has moved from gitlab to dockerhub

2020-08-15 - DEB packages are now built automatically on Bitbucket using Debian sid which has libtoxcore packaged.

2020-04-21 - Docker image created and hosted at Gitlab registry, Dockerfile is in the repo, instructions are in FAQ.md.